The personal touch

Insurance concerns? Tom is someone you can trust with the right answer—right for you. What makes working with Tom so different? When you decide to do business with Tom Katsis and his company, you are being served by Tom and the strong companies he represents. His agency has contracts with major life-, health-, disability-, long-term care insurance and annuity companies in the nation.

With Tom, the most important ingredient is hands on professional and personal service. You deal with Tom throughout the entire process of getting insurance coverage placed. Once coverage is in force, the strong companies Tom represents assist in continuing that complete customer service. HOWEVER, when any of those companies or their service personnel do not give complete satisfaction, Tom, once again, is the point person on solving the problem or concern. For over thirty years, this has been the hallmark of how Tom serves his clients.

Tom also is selective in who he chooses to work with: By using fact finding meetings, Tom and his clients determine if working together is going to be a good fit. Once that is determined the work begins.

Tom‘s agency is strictly a commission firm. Clients do not pay Tom; the carriers the business is placed with pay Tom. If coverage is not approved to the complete satisfaction of the client, then Tom’s agency is not paid a dime.

Since Tom’s agency is commission only, he works hand in hand with your other professionals: Financial planners, Attorneys, CPAs and other family members who may be assisting you.

For a more in-depth visit with Tom concerning the protection of your health and your assets now and into the future, contact Tom using the form on the right or here.