Peace of mind for the road ahead

Insurance for long term care coverage is an important component of financial planning to strongly consider. What medicare and traditional health coverage will not cover, long term coverage will, and with our aging population and more people living longer with chronic health disabilities, not having long term coverage in place will cause great financial harm to otherwise great retirement and estate planning.

The purpose of long term care insurance is to provide monthly reimbursement for caregiving a loved one who has lost the ability to complete two out of seven activities of daily living or ADLs. What are ADLs? bathing, dressing, continence, toileting, transferring, eating and ambulating OR when you need help because of cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s disease or other organic mental diseases).

These policies which used to be purchased by people in their sixties and seventies are now being put in force by people in their forties and fifties because of ever increasing underwriting guidelines. That’s right, long term care coverage has to be underwritten by insurance underwriters and overall health and lifestyle are part of that process.

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