Health insurance: Understanding “qualifying events”

No longer can you buy or switch coverage anytime you want to. The days of switching your health insurance policy whenever you want are long gone. Open enrollment is your one opportunity during the year to sign up or modify your health insurance policy. However, there are exceptions which are referred to as qualifying events and these exceptions are made for certain events that occur throughout one’s life (e.g., change in legal marital status, loss of job, change in dependents).

Meet the deadlines for coverage at appropriate times during the year. In the event that you need to see a doctor, get a prescription, or deal with other medical concerns, you can rest assured in knowing that your health needs are financially covered. Being without the essential coverage can make doctors’ visits and prescription medications very costly, and if you don’t have a policy that offers the right coverage for your needs, you’re likely to end up paying a lot of money out of your own pocket.

Don’t miss the window otherwise you’ll be without coverage till Open Enrollment! Don’t procrastinate in signing up for your health insurance policy. The open enrollment window is only available for a certain period of time and missing this opportunity can result in you not having adequate coverage or paying for a health insurance policy you’re unsatisfied with.

My agency shops all the carriers. We look into all of the top health insurance providers when searching for the best policy for your individual health needs. Everyone has different medical requirements, so it’s important that you have a policy that is both affordable for you and will cover as many of your medical expenses as possible. We will work to find you the best health care coverage to suit you and your loved ones.

We’ll explain all the qualify events to you. We can help you understand what qualifying events are and whether they’re applicable to your situation. Having this useful information can benefit you and if you qualify, you can sign up for a health insurance policy in case you miss the open enrollment period. We can show you exactly when the time frames are and make sure that you meet the deadlines. Our job is to guide you throughout the process of getting the health care coverage you need without missing out on any important opportunities.

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