Understanding “Medicare Part D”

Prescription drug coverage is required for those who have Medicare A & B. Regardless of whether you’re currently using prescription drugs, you still need to have Medicare Part D coverage if you have Part A and B. Since Part D is required by law, not having any prescription coverage comparable or better than Part D can lead to penalties.

It's mandated whether you take drugs or not. Without proper drug coverage, prescription drugs can be very expensive. Medicare Part D ensure that you’ll have prescription drug coverage should you need it at any moment. In the event of an illness or a condition that requires pharmaceutical drugs, Medicare Part D can provide you the coverage you need to get the drugs at an affordable price.

Generic and name brand drugs are both covered with copays. Although all drug plans must cover a minimum of two prescriptions in each category, every insurance company and plan has a different list of covered drugs which offer coverage for both generic and brand names. Therefore, it’s important to check if your specific medication is covered under your plan to ensure you’re not paying the full retail price.

My agency matches the prescriptions you take with the right insurance company. We’ll review your current prescriptions and find the best insurance company that can help you with your prescription coverage. With different Medicare Part D plans, it may become difficult to determine which plans are the most cost-efficient for your needs. By matching you up with the right insurance company, you no longer have to worry about paying expensive fees just to have your medication refilled.

Get informed on how the copays, deductibles and coinsurance work. Understanding insurance policies isn’t the easiest information to process. We’ll work with you and ensure you have a clear understanding of all the details about your policy. We’ll go over your prescription drug coverage and copays so you know exactly how much of your prescription fees are covered under your Medicare Part D plan.

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