Want a lawyer on retainer for a low monthly fee?

LegalShield is to attorney's fees as health insurance is to doctor & hospital bills. For just a small monthly fee, LegalShield can provide you with legal assistance for a variety of personal legal needs, including help with: moving traffic violations, representation for divorce or separation, advice on whether or not you have a case, document preparation, etc. With a LegalShield membership, you won’t have to worry about expensive lawyers as you can call your provider law firm any time with any legal questions or concerns.

90% of legal matters can be handled without incurring additional costs. Often times, the cost alone of hiring an attorney can discourage some people from getting the legal advice they need. With a LegalShield membership, most of your legal matters are dealt with at no additional cost to you. Don’t let your legal issues get delayed; get sound legal assistance whenever you need it, without having to pay expensive lawyers' fees.

Your LegalShield plan premium will never be raised. Once you lock in your LegalShield premium, that rate will never change. You’ll only have to pay the low monthly fee every month, regardless of the legal assistance you require. Your provider law firm can help you with the representation, assistance, and consultation you need on a variety of legal matters at no extra cost to you.

I can link you up with a provider law firm. In need of legal advice? I can help you find a LegalShield provider law firm who can help you get the answers you need for your legal concerns. With LegalShield, you can call your provider law firm at any time and get a fast response on any legal questions or concerns you may have, without the worry of costly phone fees.

We have attorneys available in 4 Canadian provinces and 49 states. Finding a reputable attorney has never been easier. With various locations throughout the U.S, you can easily find a provider law firm in your area. Wherever you’re located, there’s an attorney ready to help you with any legal matters.

Call us at (818) 404-1446 to learn more about the benefits of LegalShield and to get started on a membership plan.

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