Not sure if you have a case? LegalShield can help!

LegalShield provides no-cost advice over the phone to see if you have a case. Having a membership with LegalShield provides many benefits, one of which includes getting sound legal advice from a qualified attorney at no cost to you. If you’re dealing with a personal legal matter and are curious to know if you actually have a case, you no longer have to pay expensive fees to get advice from an attorney.

Unlimited phone calls without being charged are available to you with LegalShield. Call your provider law firm toll-free any time you’re experiencing any personal legal concerns and the experienced attorneys will provide you with the answers you need. With a LegalShield membership, which is only $20/month, you can get unlimited advice, consultations, phone calls, and letters on your behalf.

Find out if you have a case without incurring attorney's fees. Simply requesting legal advice from an attorney will cost you a lot of money. However, with LegalShield, these services are available for you when you become a member. Through LegalShield’s provider law firms, the attorney you’re in contact with may ask you for detailed information to get a better understanding of your legal issues in order to determine whether a case is possible. Getting this helpful advice can definitely save you a lot of money by helping you avoid pursuing a legal matter that won’t result in a case.

I can link you up with a provider law firm. We know how important it is to have affordable legal protection accessible to you, therefore, we can find you a provider law firm for your personal legal needs. Regardless of the size of your issue, your provider law firm can assist or advise you on many different personal legal matters, such as traffic violation tickets, divorce representation, warranty disputes, or trial defense. I can get you a provider law firm who can assist you with your personal legal concerns so you don’t have to worry about paying astronomical legal fees or having your legal issues delayed.

We have attorneys in 49 states and 4 Canadian provinces. Our huge network of provider law firms ensure that you will get the help you need with any of your personal legal concerns despite where you’re located. With their expertise and knowledge, you won’t have to worry about going without the legal assistance you need.

Call us at (818) 404-1446 to learn more about LegalShield and all the benefits it offers.

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