Want to buy or change your health insurance? Open enrollment starts next month!

Open enrollment is when you're able to pick a health insurance plan that will start in January. Open enrollment is back once again! Beginning November 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015, this open enrollment period gives you the option to switch your health insurance plan if you’re no longer satisfied with it or if you missed the previous deadline. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover what other health insurance policies are available for you and your family.

Not happy with your health insurance carrier? Now's the time to change. Whether your coverage options are limited or you monthly premium is too expensive, now’s your chance to opt out of your current health insurance plan. If you’re no longer satisfied with your current health insurance carrier, you can get help from a qualified insurance broker who can help you find what health insurance policies you qualify for. If you or a loved one have experienced certain health changes (e.g., chronic illness) during the past year, it might also be a good idea to have your current health policy reevaluated to ensure it’s still the best option for you.

If you missed the last open enrollment period, now's your chance. During open enrollment, you have a significantly greater chance of being able to enroll in a new health insurance policy or switch your current health plan, if you’re unhappy with it. Missing the open enrollment is likely to affect your chances of getting government assistance and you may have to resort to short-term private health insurance or Medicaid instead. If you miss signing up for an insurance policy during open enrollment, only during certain circumstances will you be able to qualify for the special enrollment period. Otherwise, you’re likely to not have coverage for an entire year until the open enrollment period comes around again. In 2015, missing the deadline and being without health insurance may also result in you having to pay a fine - up to $95/person.

I can shop the market to get the best premium for you. It’s advised that you take a look at all the different options to determine which plan and premium is best for you and your family. If you’re unsatisfied with your current health insurance plan, I can help you find a plan that works for you.

Let me help you navigate the registration process from start to finish. Still a little unclear about this upcoming open enrollment period? I can help you understand how the entire process works and work with you in getting the ideal plan for you and your loved ones.

Have you considered changing your current health insurance plan during this open enrollment period? Call us at (818) 404-1446 to schedule an appointment and we can go over various coverage options that will most benefit you.

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