Have an unresolved legal issue? 51% of American families do

More than half of American families have unresolved legal issues, such as tenant/landlord issues, being over-charged for repairs, etc. Thankfully, LegalShield is available to help you with many unresolved personal legal issues that may arise. With this coverage, you’ll be able to speak with an attorney whenever you’re in need of sound legal advice. A LegalShield law firm can help advise and assist you with various legal issues, such as real estate, warranty disputes, traffic tickets, etc. You get all the legal advice you need for a low monthly fee and LegalShield can provide you with quality legal assistance without the worry of paying huge lawyers’ fees.

LegalShield provides unlimited, cost-free phone calls. For a low monthly fee of $19.95, you can make unlimited phone calls to your attorney. With a LegalShield membership, you can get toll-free consultations over the phone on any legal subject you may have questions or concerns about, no matter how small or huge the issue may seem. Your provider law firm can provide you assistance and advice on any legal matter that has come up. In addition, your provider law firm will also happily provide letters and phone calls on your behalf.

Find out if you have a legal case without having to pay for the advice. Consulting with a provider lawyer through LegalShield can help you find out if you actually have a legal case that is worth pursuing for no extra cost. Getting advice over the phone from a lawyer without LegalShield could cost you upwards of $200 to $400 per hour, but with LegalShield, all you have to pay is a low monthly fee to get unlimited advice on any legal concerns.

I'm the liaison between you and the attorney firm. I can connect you to a high quality attorney firm who can help you get the legal advice you need, whether you’re looking for information concerning personal document review, moving traffic violations, uncontested adoption, separation or divorce assistance, etc. I can help you save hundreds of dollars and help you get the answers you need to many of your legal concerns.

Asking "What are my rights and what can be done about it?" Getting an answer from attorneys may not always be easy, as money often stands in the way. With LegalShield, however, you can get your legal questions answered quickly and thoroughly. It’s important to know your rights and how you can resolve your legal issues, and LegalShield is there to help you accomplish that.

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