Need a letter from a lawyer? LegalShield can help!

LegalShield makes it much easier to get a letter from a lawyer on your behalf. Through LegalShield, getting a letter written by a lawyer on your behalf is simple and convenient; giving you the peace of mind you need when any claims, coverage, or policy issues arise. LegalShield also helps with issues related to life insurance, health insurance, legal insurance, etc.

With LegalShield, there's no charge for the lawyer preparing and sending your letter. Legalshield’s pre-paid legal service plan allows lawyers to focus their time and attention on helping you with any issues without the worry of whether you can afford their services or not. With an affordable monthly fee, you no longer have to pay lawyers upfront to prepare and send letters on your behalf - these services are included along with many other legal services.

If you aren't a trained lawyer, don't write a legal letter on your own. Don’t take the risk of drafting a legal letter without help from a lawyer; this can be problematic if there’s a lot of money at stake. For instance, in a worker’s compensation case, if someone is unrepresented, there’s a slim chance that they are going to receive the full amount of money from a claim as they would if a lawyer had drafted the letter instead. It’s advised to seek out professional help in the event of a legal case in order to ensure that everything is accurate. Lawyers have a clear understanding of the format of the letter and what should be addressed.

I can show you how to get almost all your legal needs for a low monthly fee. With a LegalShield membership of as low as $20/month, your monthly fee will provide you with access to various participating law firms. Your LegalShield membership allows you to talk with an attorney about any matter without having to worry about expensive fees. It gives you access to multiple services that would otherwise cost you a lot of money, such as: advice on an unlimited amount of issues, legal letters and phone calls made on your behalf by a lawyer, review of documents and contracts, mortgage document assistance. etc. Give me a call and we can further discuss the various legal services that LegalShield provides.

I'll help you enroll in LegalShield so your needs are covered. Becoming a LegalShield member is an easy process, and I can help you along the way. Once you’ve received your LegalShield membership, you will have access to legal advice regardless of the issue. Get yourself legal protection so you don’t have to worry about any unforeseen issues and feel confident in knowing that you don’t have to pay enormous fees for legal services when you need them.

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