Medicare Part D coverage is required by law

Even if you don't take prescriptions, you need Medicare Part D. If you’re in need of any prescription drugs in the future, not having Medicare Part D might result in you having to deal with very high prescription costs. You should consider all the benefits of getting Part D legal insurance as part of your Medicare coverage now in order to save yourself from spending a lot of money in the future.

Medicare Part D covers generic and name brand prescriptions. While every Part D Medicare plan has its own selection of covered prescriptions, each plan covers certain name brands and generic prescriptions. Each Part D plan has to cover certain categories of prescriptions, but the particular prescription drugs in each of the categories may be different from one insurance company to another. Nonetheless, every Part D plan must cover a minimum of two prescriptions in each category.

You'll be penalized if you don't have Part D coverage. You will receive a financial penalty if you haven’t had any prescription coverage that is thought to be comparable or better than Part D coverage for over 63 days. In addition, you also won’t be able to sign up for Part D unless it is during the open enrollment period which runs from October 15th through December 7th. The fee for late enrollment is based on the time period you have gone without prescription drug coverage.

I'll help you pick the right Part D provider. I will help you shop around and choose the best Medicare Part D provider for your individual needs. It’s my goal to provide you with the most effective prescription coverage options. Even if you don’t currently take any prescription drugs, I can help you find a Part D plan for when the need arises.

I'll make sure you avoid paying a late registration penalty. I will help you get Part D coverage as soon as possible, so you won’t have to worry about having to pay a penalty for late enrollment. I will make sure you get the coverage you need quickly, so you’ll be covered if you’re ever in need of any prescriptions.

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